Saturday, May 26, 2007

The real Bass Poachers

Today is the 2007 MN bass opener, the day that the annointed self righteous sportsman of the world stop complaining about those that they perceive as fishing for bass during the closed season. The bitch fest happens every year on, which I have documented on my blogs.

In addition to following the whining and complaining this spring I have kept a close eye on the DNR Conservation Officer Reports. From following these reports I've learned that people keeping bass out of season is a fairly common infraction with which people are getting caught. I would bet a dollar to donuts that most of these lawbreakers are really fishing for fish that are in season and get the bass as an incidental catch, but the temptation to keep all that meat is just to much.

How much talk do these poachers get every spring? NONE

How much talk should they get. Well from the frequency of the infractions I would think this would be on top of the annointed self righteous sportsman's radar. This is just one more reason for me to hold these "do gooders" in contempt.