Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Pete Peeves

This is really more of a whine fest than Rant.

Pete is a friend from the Fishers of Men Fishing Club (Twin Cities) that is in the Minnesota National Guard. Pretty much every month when he does his Guard drilling he leaves his dog Sandy with us and then when the drill is over he stays for several days, sometimes more than a week. Pete loves to fish and so do I, but not necessarily with Pete; He can be a real buzzkill at times.

Anyway one of my Pete Peeves has to do with how he gets ready for our fishing trips. Often times he has really nothing else more important to do around here than get his act together, so we can go out fishing. Often times I drag my feet and we don't get out until later in the day. Despite the fact that Pete often has all day to get ready he is almost never ready to leave when I am and I have to wait for him to finish getting his stuff together. Sometimes the wait is around half an hour but often it is longer than that, sometimes much longer when taking his boat is involved.

Sorry I just had to vent.