Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Oh the Butt Hurt!

1-26-2016 5:15AM
Someone Posted it.
Life just isn't fair
Filed in regards to Red Lake, Indian Netting, and Treaty Rights in general.
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As per usual certain sportsmen are all worked up about those Indians and their unfair fishing privileges.  I understand why the butt hurt exists.  I just choose not to get worked up about it because it's not my circus and those are not my walleye.  It doesn't bother me in the least that the Indians have unequal rights with them getting the better end of the deal according to some MN sportsmen's perspective; If they choose to be butt hurt that is their business.  I want no part of it.

Yeah, I was but hurt I couldn't fish Mille Lacs this past fall for walleye.  But I'm really butt hurt that I can't legally target bass for catch and release the second the ice is off the lakes and that has nothing to do with treaty rights.  I fish for other species instead, it's not a big deal.  Red Lake had that amazing Crappie fishing for a few years.  Then they restocked the Lake and the walleye fishing went gangbusters again.  It looks like due to a couple of late Springs that Mille Lacs is coming back with a strong batch of 15" to 17" eyes.  Lakes cycle, but the butt hurt won't go away.  Oh well, life just isn't fair.

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